Juli R. Branson has been a professional writer and marketing/public relations adviser for more than 20 years. She has worked with corporate CEOs, members of the President’s cabinet, university professors and small business owners. Her writings have won numerous professional awards and major media outlets as well as small, trade publications, have quoted her clients.

Satisfied customers praise both her business acumen and her writing talents. She teaches classes on memoir writing, leads workshops on marketing and business plans, and works with corporate CEOs, small business owners, university professors, training professionals and more to help make their words more powerful and their ideas heard by their preferred customers.

She is involved with various business organizations, writing associations and stays on top of trends in business, marketing and publishing. She currently is based in the Dallas area.

In her spare time, Juli also creates  works of art, writes fiction and performs stand up comedy, and still finds time to walk her dog at least an hour a day.

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