Rabbits vs. Elephants: Balancing Your Business Diet

June 10th, 2011   •   no comments   

As someone who was exclusively an elephant hunter, I am proud to announce that I’ve learned to hunt rabbits…in fact, I’ve even landed a few – so today, I eat!

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Busy ≠ Cash In Pocket

June 3rd, 2011   •   no comments   

Busy does NOT mean you have any actual cash in your pocket.  I recently joined a webinar on sales where they talked about one woman who spent 70% of her time on proposals/job bids alone!

She’s busy, but she ain’t gittin’ paid…

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I’m baaaaaack – focused and energized!

May 1st, 2011   •   no comments   

Has it been that long?  I apologize for my long absence to my small, yet loyal, following.  I have a feeling that over the past few months a lot more Accidental Entrepreneurs have emerged.  With the economy slowly reviving, I hear the stories and feel the pain of my fellow future entrepreneurs.  I was doing quite well, then hit a wall…just like many of you, I felt the air, and the energy knocked out of me.
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