Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership builds your personal brand into an industry-wide reputation. Branson Ink can help you stand out among your peers by crystallizing your vision and reflecting it in a variety of ways. We work with you on developing a plan to solidify your vision and then release it to your peers and customers via speaking engagements and published works that place you in the middle of the conversation.

Ask yourself: What is my contribution to my field? What makes my business vision unique? Branson Ink will work with you to answer these questions and help you identify your point of differentiation, develop your concept and articulate your vision.

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Our products include: Writing speeches and identifying appropriate speaking opportunities; writing e-books to be downloaded from your site to full-length book manuscripts for publication; training curriculum including workbooks and webinar scripting.

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing focuses on a small segment of your industry and makes you the go-to person for that group of customers. Once you capture your niche, you can go big. A laser focus of your marketing efforts – including marketing dollars – will make a huge splash that customers in all niches notice. You start small, so you can go big.

Branson Ink will help you discover where your product or service fits into your industry, who your ideal customers area and how you can find them. We then help you carve out your niche and create compelling copy to attract them.

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Our products include: Strategic marketing plans with competitive analysis and niche identification; targeted media list development; news release writing, dissemination and follow up; association and trade publication pitches and article ghostwriting; speaking engagement pitches.


Ghostwriters capture your voice and make your words come alive. We work in partnership with you to target your message, focus your speech and even help you locate the appropriate speaking venue. We also translate your oral presentations into the written word in books from 30-300 pages, as well as develop curriculum for training projects. If you have the idea, but not the time, Branson Ink can do it for you.

Branson Ink will help you show your expertise to your clients and customers, or craft your family or corporate history for future generations – all under your own name. Contact Branson Ink to see how we can make your words come alive through ghostwriting.

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Our products include: Speechwriting and coaching from a special toast to a full-length presentation; training curriculum including workbooks, interactive activities and class notes; e-books or full-length books; magazine articles and opeds.

Additional Services

Branson Ink offers additional services to complement our core offerings. We have associates and affiliations that allow us to offer cost effective solutions to all of your marketing, public relations and communication needs.

Our additional services include: Funding requests including grant writing and business plan development for submission to investors; editing, layout and design for book and curriculum publications; intensive social media monitoring and engagement.

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