Ghostwriting as a Business

February 25th, 2010   •   1 comment   

Leave it to the Financial Times to write a great article on the business aspects of ghostwriting books this past Monday (Feb 22, 2010).  Check it out!  Here are some key points:
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James Patterson and the NEW Rules of Publishing

February 24th, 2010   •   2 comments   

Thanks to successful entrepreneur Robin Callan of Room Fu, I read this article on James Patterson, the author of dozens of thrillers, and how he changed the publishing business.  It’s a fascinating read and shows how someone with a solid product or service can change the way an entire industry does business.
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The Quest Begins!

February 21st, 2010   •   no comments   

After the third position for which I interviewed went unfilled because the company was putting it “on hold until the economy turns around,” I realized it was a disturbing trend.  At first, I tried to fight it, coming up with all sorts of reasons why they should take a chance on me.  Then it hit me — I needed to figure out  how I could make this uncertainty work for me.  So, I asked to work on individual projects while they waited.

An entrepreneur is born.
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