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Boy, IS my business underutilized…Sign me up!

Another reason I’ve been gone is that I’ve been pulling info together to be a part of history with Super Bowl 2011 in Dallas, TX!

OK, may be it’ll be in Arlington, but you get the idea…

The NFL set aside some contracts for small business, and for women and/or minority-owned businesses – aka Underutilized Businesses.  I attended the last gathering for the Emerging Business program.  Even though, I think it’s too late to sign up for the program, you might want to look at the site, because it does show how to become certified as a small business, women-owned, or minority-owned business…the certifying agencies are the ones who certify for federal agencies and private companies who have small/women/minority business set asides.

I recommend checking out these sites for certifications to qualify for these set asides:

These are not at all the only sites for certification, but they are recommended by the NFL program.

After I get my certification, I’m going to sign up with the federal government as an Underutilized Business…any tips?  This is the portal that includes the U.S. Department of Defense which offers 68 percent of all federal contracts awarded to small business (that is from the SBA website).

Anyone with tips or experiences to share with this certification process and/or general contracting with the feds, please share.

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