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I’m baaaaaack – focused and energized!

Has it been that long?  I apologize for my long absence to my small, yet loyal, following.  I have a feeling that over the past few months a lot more Accidental Entrepreneurs have emerged.  With the economy slowly reviving, I hear the stories and feel the pain of my fellow future entrepreneurs.  I was doing quite well, then hit a wall…just like many of you, I felt the air, and the energy knocked out of me.

Then I attended Tory Johnson’s Woman for Hire event in Dallas, TX.  I met four key people who inspired me and spurred me on, only after calling me out on my failure to focus and prioritize – Donna Galatas, Jackie Torres, Michelle Pippin and Danya Casey.

Less than a week after the conference, I participated in a 2-day boot camp run by Donna and Jackie to inspire people like me to get moving and to help us create a network of like-minded, determined people – Revved Up For Hire.  I HIGHLY recommend this course, or one like it. Though this particular group is based in the Dallas area (my town of Addison, to be specific), it is part of Tory Johnson’s Waggleforce which helps to create job clubs.

**NOTE to those employed by medium to large businesses: I was able to attend this class free of charge due to corporate donations/sponsorships…If your company, or one you recommend is interested in sponsorship, ping me here in the reply and I’ll connect you.**

Many of you may be thinking – as I did – that everyone seems to want to “help” the unemployed, underemployed and new graduates for “a small fee.”  I was feeling $20’d (or more) to death without any way of knowing what would and wouldn’t work.  I had attended the free part of Tory’s hiring event here in April and found it useful, which led me to attend the $20 pre-event and free post-event, making it a full day…a full day packed with helpful info.

This event introduced me to the Galatas Group, which held the Revved Up boot camp.  TWO HOURS after finishing up the boot camp, I attended a networking event held by my MBA alumni group – an event I almost skipped.  Here I met two great contacts that I thought will lead to great things…one did, one didn’t…yet.

In the days to come, I will share with you many of the tips I found to be most helpful.  The first thing I’ll share is that I learned that I need to better focus and prioritize my time!  Therefore, I need to boogie so I can follow up on the contacts I made and the lessons I learned these past two weeks.  I’ll be back soon to share more info!

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