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Magic-ification: Let the Magic Formula Transform Your Advice

I knew it! A magic formula really does exist – a magic formula that can turn conflict into calm, passion into purpose, and criticism into compassion.

We have all met that person who seems to be able to tell you to go to heXX in such a way that you ask directions for the quickest way there before you realize what just happened! They can say “no” and deliver bad news, yet still make you feel compelled to thank them.

Of course there is a hitch: This magic formula does not come naturally at first. It takes practice. In fact, it can be downright messy in the beginning. You will fail, restart, get further, fail again, pick up where you left off, fail at least once more, apologize, backup, and then finally, cross the finish line.

The magic formula lets you convey information to others in such a way that they understand how to absorb it, and also releases you from being wed to the end result of the recipient’s actions.

In other words, the formula below will allow you to give advice to people without offending them or being frustrated when they do not take it, even when they asked you for it!

To read my full blog post, visit Marsha Clark & Associates where I’m blogging about my experiences taking her leadership class and applying the lessons. The Magic Formula post can be found here.

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