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Put It In Writing

After all of these months of discussing toasts, the question still remains: What do you do after the last toast is made, the last drink downed?

All of that work – writing, editing, practicing, stressing – and now it’s all forgotten?

God forbid!

Here are a few ideas for preserving your words:

  • Print out the toast on nice cardstock (thick paper), cut the edges with pinking shears or craft scissors, decorate the edges with gold/silver ink or paint, adhere to craft paper in the couple’s wedding colors, add photos of the couple. You can either frame this for them or make it into a page that fits into their scrapbook or photo album of the event.
  • Hire calligrapher (Google it! Or ask your church, local art organization, or stationery story) to write the toast on nice cardstock, incorporating the couple’s wedding colors in the ink or the paper. Frame with coordinating matting that you sign as the author. You can also include photo of the couple toasting, or a pressed flower from your corsage or the centerpieces.
  • Print out the toast (or use the calligraphy version!) as the cover for a photo album with advice on married life to the new couple…or better yet, “10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Got Married.”

Anyone out there do something else with theirs?

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