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The Quest Begins!

After the third position for which I interviewed went unfilled because the company was putting it “on hold until the economy turns around,” I realized it was a disturbing trend.  At first, I tried to fight it, coming up with all sorts of reasons why they should take a chance on me.  Then it hit me — I needed to figure out  how I could make this uncertainty work for me.  So, I asked to work on individual projects while they waited.

An entrepreneur is born.

My first year with Branson Ink paid the bills.  In 2010, I need to have a plan. Since I accidentally became an entrepreneur — and love it, by the way — I need to go backward and figure out how to go from “adequate” to “fabulously successful”!

Given the unplanned nature of my business, I began to read everything I could on business development, managing finances, contracts, setting rates, payment options, partnerships, and even other businesses that would provide cashflow to enhance my new communications business — real estate, mini-storage, mall kiosks, purses.

I uncovered a lot of very interesting and helpful tips.  Therefore, I am starting this blog for those of us who have been forcibly removed from the allegedly secure corporate jobs to the wide open world of entrepreneurship. I hope my posts help you in your venture, or lead you to want to work with me (and my ever-growing network). I plan to post articles about interesting business practices and review the books — audio and print — that I read/listen to.  I also hope that you will give me your thoughts and provide your own suggestions.

Ok, gotta go think of something way cool and clever to post!

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