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If You Can’t Say It, Write It

Wedding toasts, as we’ve previously discussed, can be nerve wracking for the one expected to deliver this emotionally charged two minutes.

The key issue is usually due to the pressure you put on yourself to perform perfectly and to summarize a lifetime of memories into less than 500 words. That’s when my clients turn to me – I help keep them calm and focused.

If you are anticipating having to give such a toast, I recommend that you buy an inexpensive spiral notebook to write down all of the advice, memories and other thoughts cluttering your mind. This info can be beautifully crafted into a nice book for a great gift after the happy couple returns from their honeymoon.

You can either write short stories – how you met your spouse, or a funny story about the first Thanksgiving dinner you cooked as a married couple – or just clip out one-line pieces of advice – “Don’t go to bed mad.” You can scrapbook the advice around wedding photos, baby photos and high school pics of the couple.

The key is not to overwhelm yourself during this special time. Professional scrapbookers and writers can be hired for a small fee!


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